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How Are the China Coated Abrasives Industry Situation?

Source:Duhua Grinding Wheel Co. Limited Time:2016-03-16

In recent years, China coated abrasives products have begun to enter the international market, and have undergone great changes in industry scales and management experience, the overall strength has been further improved, China gradually develops itself to a strong Coated Abrasives manufacturing country. Our coated abrasives industry is gradually to the intensive and large-scale development, and presenting a good development trend.

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Last year, due to the effects of the variety of international complex factors, and the blocked exports of coated abrasive and grinding products, except for the slowdown of the development of domestic economy, which resulted in market supply and demand contradiction, poor product sales, came down in product prices, therefore, many coated abrasives enterprises started or planned to upgrade and retrofit production equipment as well as adjusted the products structure. In addition, the integration of foreign enterprises led to a more difficult living conditions for domestic business, which also largely restricted to our own brand’s creation and promotion. To outstand from those foreign brands, we had to make the breakthroughs in terms of new materials and applications of new technologies, so that to adapt to the industry growing trend. At the same time, under the difficult situations concerned about hard labors, raw material prices rising, financing difficulties, lack of market demand, China coated Abrasives industry had to make differentiation, standardization, innovation, furthered into the market, grasped the users and changes in demand and to produce and sale of marketable products.

Through the efforts of the past 2015, China abrasives and grinding industry has achieved a slow recovery and development, however, under the big circumstances of weak market demands and slow economic growth, the industry sales and total profits compared with the previous years had a greater rate of decline. Looking to 2016, the industry will continue in the moderate development trend and through this industry reshuffle period.

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