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How to Select Raw Materials of the INOX Cutting Disc?

Source:Duhua Grinding Wheel Co. Limited Time:2016-05-17

Some cutting and grinding wheels that are used in particular fields, such as processing stainless steel materials in nuclear industry, often not allowed to contain S, Fe, Cl and other elements, which we call "INOX" cutting disc. When defining those elements that are must-not-contain, it greatly limits the selection of raw materials of cutting wheels.

inox cutting disc  

We generally use pyrite, cryolite materials as the filler and grinding accelerators so to improve the work efficiency of the cutting wheel, and to extend the service life of the grinding wheel. However, among these INOX cutting discs, these sulfur-containing iron and other materials can no longer be used. Cryolite is limited to use due to its toxicity, the fluorine gas which is generated from cutting and grinding wheels in the work process to be easily absorbed into the blood makes bones brittle. Therefore, it is limited in the areas of higher environmental requirements such as Europe areas.

Under such conditions, it is very difficult to obtain a good cutting effect if only use the abrasive and ordinary filler; if the INOX cutting disc is not enough sharp, the working life of grinding wheels will not last long if only rely on grinding; furthermore, in this case, the excessive heat that generated by friction will be particularly prone to burn-in.

1. How to choose resins

Cutting efficiency is always in the first place, we tend to choose the resin with low hexamine content, because this kind of resin has a low crosslink density makes the grinding wheel relatively soft, thus to achieve the relatively high cutting efficiency.

2. The production process

Ultrathin cutting wheels should not be too hard, so that the abrasive are easy to self-sharpening, to obtain this kind of cutting wheels, the curing temperature should not be too high. If curing temperature is too high and more than 180 degrees, the crosslinking density of the resin will increase dramatically, which affect the wheel to self-sharpening.

Ultrathin cutting wheel.jpg

3. Why to use fillers

If you just select the above resins and processes without some fillers, the ultrathin cutting wheels are likely to be easy to break or have very short working life. Because under high temperature and high pressure circumstances, the resin of a low crosslink density cannot resistant to high temperature, as a result, its chemical bonds are easy to break, therefore adhesive strength rapidly deteriorates.

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