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Chuck flap wheel
  • Chuck flap wheel
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    Chuck flap wheel

    Category: Coated Abrasives
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Product details
Applied to polishing and drawbench of different vessels workpiece, these products can revise the flaw and welding line.
Sharp grinding, high security, high efficiency and any shape if demanded abrasive cloth grit.
5:1 Standard packet assembling for a hard,aggressive abrasive mop.3:1 Packet assembling for a medium abrasive mop.1:1 Packet assembling for a very soft, highly-flexible abrasive mop.

According to the complex workplece surface customized different lamellar to suit for different process of workpiece surfaces,make the maching effect smooth,elastic and stable.Abrasive mop wheel, grit 40
Long continuous line pattern
Minimum depression
Smooth finish

Abrasive mop belt, grit 40

Short distinctive linepattern

Rough surface
High contrast finish

Diameter×Width in(mm)
Grit from toMax.RPMPacking unit/pcs.
Packing unit/pcs.
150×2516, 2536-8006,800rpm1
150×3016, 2536-8006,800rpm1
150×3516, 2536-8006,800rpm1
150×4016, 2536-8006,800rpm1
150×5016, 2536-8006,800rpm1
200×2525, 3236-8004,800rpm1
200×3025, 3236-8004,800rpm1
200×3525, 3236-8004,800rpm1
200×4025, 3236-8004,800rpm1
200×5025, 3236-8004,800rpm1
250×1025, 3236-8003,800rpm1
250×1525, 3236-8003,800rpm1
250×2025, 3236-8003,800rpm1
250×2525, 3236-8003,800rpm1
250×3025, 3236-8003,800rpm1
250×3525, 3236-8003,800rpm1
250×4025, 3236-8003,800rpm1
250×4525, 3236-8003,800rpm1
250×5025, 3236-8003,800rpm1
300×2525, 3236-8003,200rpm1
300×3025, 3236-8003,200rpm1
300×3525, 3236-8003,200rpm1
300×4025, 3236-8003,200rpm1
300×4525, 3236-8003,200rpm1
300×5025, 3236-8003,200rpm1

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