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Application of china mounted points

The china mounted points is a small-sized grinding tool with a handle that is pressed by a binder or a granular abrasive material by sintering or bonding to form a grinding tool for grinding various workpiece surfaces. Can be used for grinding and cutting of various metals and non-metals, such as high speed steel, hardened steel, manganese steel, malleable cast iron, wood, etc.

Application of china mounted points

Application of china mounted points:

Generally, according to different abrasives and bonding degrees, the rotational speed of the grinding head ranges from 5 to 50 m/s, and is used together with driving tools including soft shafts and electric or pneumatic straight grinders.

China mounted points can be used for surface or edge grinding of various burrs, welding points, flashing edges, etc. It is suitable for working areas such as cavity bores, pipes, die-casting modules, corners, and forging chamfers.

Note: The clamping length of the general drive tool chuck and the grinding head handle should not be less than 10mm, otherwise the handle will be bent or cause other dangers.