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Precautions for the use of metal cut-off wheels

Precautions for the use of metal cut-off wheels

  When using the metal cut-off wheel, if it is not operated correctly, it may cause injury to the operator. Today, the editor will give everyone a few things that should be paid attention to when using the tool.

  1. Check whether the related supporting equipment is in good condition, and put an end to all fires. We also need to check whether the insulated cable is damaged, whether it is aging, etc. After the inspection, plug in the power source before proceeding.

  2. When cutting and grinding work, there should be no people and explosives within one meter around, and do not work in the direction of people to prevent casualties.

  3. If there are flammable materials in the workplace, more than two fire extinguishers should be equipped.

  4. After long-term use, you should take a proper rest, because the temperature of the metal cutting wheel will rise during the operation. Once the temperature is too high, the tool may be damaged or even an accident may be caused.

  When using metal cut-off wheels, we need to pay attention to the above four points.