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Conditions of use of ultra-thin diamond grinding wheels

Conditions of use of ultra-thin diamond grinding wheels

  The ultra-thin diamond grinding wheel adopts a unique process, carefully selected diamond powder, coupled with the method of metal bonding, can make it have the characteristics of strong toughness, high precision and ultra-thin shape, it can be used for silicon wafers, glass, ceramics and other materials. Today we will talk about its usage conditions.

  The ultra-thin diamond grinding wheel is a thin annular product that needs to be used with a flange of suitable size. Want to achieve a better cutting effect. It needs to meet the following conditions:

  1. The cutting line speed must be greater than 80 m/s.

  2. The normal cutting speed should be determined according to the cutting material and cutting accuracy requirements, generally within 0.5-200 mm/sec.

  3. Cooling water should be used when cutting, and the cooling water flow should not be less than 2.4 liters/min.

  4. The cutting depth is determined according to the thickness of the product itself and the cutting material.

  5. The new grinding wheel must be corrected with a special correction plate before use.

  6. In order to ensure the cutting effect, the grinding wheel with the corresponding abrasive grain size should be selected according to the different cutting materials.

  The use conditions of ultra-thin diamond grinding wheels are introduced here. I hope everyone can use this product correctly.