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Application field and characteristics of ultra-thin cutting wheel

  Master the application field and characteristics of ultra-thin cutting wheel, can let us better use the product, today we will get to know the product.

  The basic structure of ultra-thin cutting wheel is metal material in the middle and diamond working layer in the outer ring.

Application field and characteristics of ultra-thin cutting wheel

  Because the steel core is integrated with the metal binder of the outer ring with high rigidity, high rigidity is obtained, and the working effect of high load and deep cutting can be realized.

  By choosing different types of binder, it can be suitable for cutting and grooving of different materials. The binder mainly includes metal and resin.

  Characteristics of metal binder:

  Strong abrasive control ability, wear resistance, good shape retention of grinding wheel, long service life.

  Characteristics of resin binder:

  High precision resin binder cutting wheel has good self-sharpness, sharp cutting, elastic binder and good finish of machining surface.

  Product application field:

  Optical glass, crystal materials, magnetic materials, semiconductor materials, fine ceramic materials, hard alloy and other brittle metal materials precision cutting processing.

  Product features:

  Because the metal material is used as the steel core, the rigidity of the cutting blade is improved, and it is more suitable for deep cutting.

cutting wheel

  The excellent wear resistance of the working layer enables it to have a long service life.

  The precise control of diamond abrasive particle and concentration makes the ultra-thin cutting wheel have good sharpness in the cutting process, and the cutting surface has the characteristics of high finish and good verticality. And it is suitable for single slice use or multi-tool combination cutting.