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Safe Operation Procedures for Grinding Workpieces

Source:Duhua Grinding Wheel Co. Limited Time:2017-07-25

Side surface grinding problem

In the daily use of the coated grinding wheels or metal grinding wheels, we can often find some operators, regardless of the types of grinding machine, or the types of grinding wheel, carry out grinding using the grind wheel side surface, which is against the safe operation procedures. According to the rules, a grinding wheel uses a circumferential surface as the operate surface should not use the side surface grinding, this grinding wheel has large radial strength but weak axial strength, putting on too large force will cause grinding wheel crack apart, and may even hurt the operator. Therefore such acts in practice grinding process should be prohibited.

coated grinding wheel

Positive position operation problems

Because standing on the positive position can make a greater power, many operators stand before the coated grinding discs to grind workpieces, in fact, this behavior should be particularly prohibited. According to the operating procedures, the operator should stand on the side of the grind wheel when grinding workpieces, instead of standing before the wheel, so as to avoid the injury occur when the wheel flies out or wheel debris splash if wheel is failure.

Excessive force on the ultra-thin cutting wheel

In the use of the cut-off wheel, in order to pursue a fast grinding speed, the operators will put too much force on the wheel, which is a very unsafe act. Once the pressure is over the metal strength, it is likely to cause the cut-off wheel broken, or even fly out to hurt the operator, therefore, it is a prohibited behavior.

Two or more operators use one grinding machine

Sometimes in order to accomplish production tasks, or fully use the work time, two operators were likely to share a grinding machine at the same time, which is serious against the operating procedures, should be strictly prohibited. If coated grinding discs cannot catch up with the process, the manufacturer should add another grinding machine.

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