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The Materials of Aundum, White Aundum, Chrome Aundum

The comparison of Aundum, White Aundum, Chrome Aundum. These coated abrasives of abrasive grinding discs slightly vary in work performances.

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Aundum, shortened as A, it appears brown, has high hardness and toughness. Aundum is priced lower, and it can be applied in the quite many fields.

White Aundum, shortened as WA, it is white, and has the higher hardness but slightly lower toughness than the Aundum, being featured on good grinding performance, commonly generates less grinding heat.

Chrome Aundum, or pink fused alumina, shortened as PA, it presents pink or red colors. Having good durability, the toughness is higher than White Aundum. The rigidity, tartness and preservation are very good, the abrasive cutting edge keeps long time sharp.

Green carborundum, shortened as GC, it has high hardness, but second to boron carbide and diamond. Green carborundum is brittle, the abrasive is sharp, with thermal conductivity. It is suitable for grinding carbide, optical glass, ceramics, stones, agate, honing cylinder liner and other hard and brittle materials.

Single alundum are written as SA, it commonly appears light yellow. Compared with A and WA, Single alundum has higher hardness and toughness, it presented as the single particle spherical crystal, with strong resistance to fragmentation. SA is applicable to stainless steel, high vanadium high-speed steel and other materials of high toughness and hardness, or in works that are easy to deform and burn.

Micro alundum is written as MA, it is brown and black. This coated abrasive made into the abrasive grinding discs is composed of micro crystals, having high toughness and strength. The abrasive grain is special at the good self-sharpening perform.

Zirconium alundum, or ZA, appears in brown. Its toughness, strength and wear resistance perform are all excellent, with the ZrO content increased, the perform also become better. Zirconium alundum made into the flap disc is fit to use for stainless steel, titanium alloy, heat resistant alloy and so on.