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What Are the Features of Twisted Wire Brushes?

The twisted wire brush or twisted wire cup brush with crimped wire are ideal for working on large surfaces with angle grinders. They can also be suitable for deburring, weld cleaning, paint and rust removal, and surface preparation.

twisted wire brush

The spiral wire brushes have a bridle fitted for stability. The bridle can be removed after wear of the wire exposing a further 20 mm of useable wire! There are cup brushes with diameter of 65 mm, 90 mm that suitable for small angle grinders.

Knot Cup Brushes with extra long filling for the use on large areas and for a flexible cleaning and derusting. For use in angle grinders. Easy working also in areas which are hard to reach.

Left-right knotted cup brushes usually are more aggressive, hence they are often used for heavy brushing operations. Besides the knots open less, therefore they are ideal for the treatment of edges.