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Knowing Types of Abrasive Grains for Abrasive Grinding Discs

It is very necessary to get familiar with the various abrasive grains used to fulfill the uses of an abrasive grinding disc.

abrasive grinding discs

1. To get abrasive ceramic grains, aluminum oxide may be used solely or in combination with other components such as crocus and emery.

2. Materials used in order to make abrasive disc grains are tungsten carbine, silicon carbide, aluminum-zirconia and garnet.

3. The super-abrasive grains or diamond pastes are relatively important in industries that depend upon lapping and ferrous polishing. One of the materials used in order to get a super-abrasive grain for abrasive grinding discs is cubic boron nitride. This is a component that is favored for its hardness and its capacity to provide superior grinding for both alloy steel and carbon.