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Which Components Make Up a Grinding Machine?

Grinding or cutting machines are huge machines that are installed with a giant coated wheel for grinding and modifying work pieces. Grinding or cutting machines have hundreds of wheel like abrasive grains that cut up metals into exact, equal pieces. The grinding machines having excellent performance in the work are quite popular in the industry.

cutting and grinding wheels

Three parts of a grinding machine

1. Cutting and grinding wheels whose spinning speed you can regulate by a handle.

2. A bed which helps to hold the cutting piece in place with a fixture.

3. Mounted points that are made of coated abrasives enable workers slightly modifying or changing the angle or shape of the work piece.

Abrasive technique

The abrasive technique is applied by a grinding machine when removing scraps or undesirable materials from the surface of the work piece. Those abrasives used on the work piece include aluminum oxide or silicon carbide, which are also the commonly used materials to make the grinding wheel.