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4 Most Common Types of Mounted Points

Mounted points are a general term for small grinding tools with handle, they are used in the electric miller, hanging mill and hand driller. Many of the major types are: ceramic mounted point, rubber grinding head, diamond mounted point, abrasive cloth grinding head.

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1. Ceramic mounted point: Particle-size sands (including brown corundum, white steel corundum, chrome corundum, silicon carbide) sintered by the ceramic binder, and add a metal handle in central. Particle-size sands are mainly used for grinding all kinds of metal, the inner wall of the aperture, as well as the modification of molds.

2. Rubber grinding head: The finer grain-size sand is synthesized by the combination of rubber binder for polishing the mold.

3. Abrasive cloth grinding head: Make multi-piece rectangular sandpaper bonded around the metal handle. Particle size is generally 60 # -320 #, for polishing the inner wall of the aperture.

4. Diamond mounted point: this kind of grinding tools is made of non-metallic materials like stone, porcelain and others, in particular, relates to a type using the diamond alloy as the grinding body, and the adhesive material having a certain toughness as the matrix, of which a number of grinding bodies are fixed in the matrix with gaps, and the outer surface of the grinding head also has gaps. This useful model has the characteristics of high grinding performance, simple manufacturing, low cost, high grinding quality and can be applied to large-scale grinding processing.