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In which Cases Are Grinding Wheels Must Replace

Wear problems

Any coated grinding wheel has its wear requirements, once it wears into a certain extent, a new wheel must replace it. The action that in order to save the material, still using overworn grinding wheel is not allowed, which is insecure and against the regulations. Generally, the grinding wheel wears until its diameter is 10mm larger than the chuck diameter, then it should be replaced to a new wheel.

coated grinding wheel

Validity period

New coated grinding wheels from a warehouse may be unqualified, and even purchased from the manufacturers are not 100% qualified. Any grinding wheel has its validity period, those  being used within the validity period are qualified, but some exceeding this period become unqualified. The one rule is that "grinding wheel should be used within the validity period, resin and rubber binder grinding wheel after a year storage must have rotary test, only qualified products can still being use."

Texture problem

In the use process, if the coated grinding wheel cracks, it should immediately stop using, and to replace the new grinding wheel, so as not to cause the accident by broken grinding wheels.