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Which Grinding Wheel Is Easy to Grind Linear Slider?

The selection of China grinding wheels or China grinding discs used on the linear slider is mainly depending on materials of the linear slider, following are the specific methods.

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1. The material

Due to the material of the linear slider is normally hard alloy, it should choose high coated abrasive grinding wheel (cubic boron nitride), its hardness is next only to diamond, with good wear resistance and electrical conductivity and produces a small amount of heat. The high abrasive grinding wheels are very useful in grinding carbide, stainless steel, high alloy steel and many other materials that are difficult processing.

2. Abrasive grain sizes

As the linear slider is generally fine grinding, less margin, requiring lower roughness values. Choosing a China grinding wheel made of small abrasive grain sizes.

3. The hardness

To ensure the grinding accuracy and roughness, choose slightly hardened wheels in the fine grinding. If the workpiece material has poor thermal conductivity, and is easy to be burn and cracks (such as grinding carbide, etc.), picking the wheels of softer materials, such as glass fiber discs.

4. Other standards

Linear slider surface is mostly composed of the combination of plane and bevel faces, so grinding with circular grinding or face grinding. In order to improve the grinding efficiency, a plurality of forming grinders and an auxiliary grinding head (grinding side plane) can be used to realize the forming grinding, also, the linear slider surface is grinded once by the combined forming grinding wheel. When using surface grinding method rough grinding its plane, the wheel axis can be tilted 3 ° - 5 ° to reduce the wheel and workpiece contact area, improve the cooling conditions. To ensure the precision grinding, wheel diameter can not be too small, the general choice are 1.3-1.5 times of the linear slider surface width.