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What Is the Thickness of the Inox Cutting Disc?

In theory, the thinner inox cutting disc is the better, because those thin cutting wheels have the following advantages:

1. the thinner inox cutting disc can save more production materials, thus decreasing packaging, transportation costs, and the price is cheaper.

2. The thinner the inox cutting disc, the lower the cutting resistance, therefore the energy consumption declines.

3. The thinner inox cutting disc causes less cutting loss to work pieces.

inox cutting disc

However, depending on the material properties and process, the thickness of the cutting discs of different diameters varies, that is, the smaller diameter of coated wheel has the lower thickness, and the cutting pieces with large diameters are thicker considering the strength and deformation. For example, in the same process, the coated wheel diameter of 100 to 150 has the thickness of 1.0 ~ 1.6mm, diameter of 350 corresponds a thickness of 2.5mm, diameter of 400 needs a thickness of 3.2mm.

Therefore, to choose a suitable inox cutting disc according to the size of the material, so to save money and energy consumption.