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Fiber Resin Discs and Diamond Cutting Wheels

Cutting and grinding wheels according to the material, are mainly divided into fiber resin discs and diamond cutting wheels.

ultrathin cutting wheels

1. Resin cutting wheels use the resin as bond agent combined with a variety of materials, have excellent cutting performance particular for cutting alloy steel, stainless steel and other hard materials. There are dry and wet two cutting methods for the more stable cutting accuracy.

Ultra-thin cutting disc is made of resin material, it is tough, safe, and sharp, that is suitable for cutting high-hardness materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, general metal material, non-quenched steel, cast iron, alloy cast iron, carbon steel, alloy tool steel, hardened steel, cast pieces and hot brittle materials. In addition, the ultra-thin cutting disc is very useful in special steel cutting and the slotting on workpieces.

2. Diamond cutting wheel is a kind of cutting tools, widely used in the processing for hard and brittle materials, such as stone, concrete, prefabricated panels, old and new roads, ceramics and others. It is mainly composed of two parts: the base and the head. The base is the main part supporting the bonding head, and the head is a cutting tool which will be constantly worn, while the base will not.