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What’s the Material of Twisted Wire Brushes?

Metal is one of the most common materials used for producing wire brushes, those metal spiral wire brushes are efficiently put to use for wiping off or cleaning the machine parts.

China spiral wire brush

The twisted wire brush is made out of metal wire. The different kinds of metals used for producing wire brushes can be steel, bronze, nickel, nickel silver, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, copper and titanium. Each kind of them has specific properties, so that it is necessary to learn about the compatibility of them and the purpose of the brush. For example, the steel twisted wire brushes can be put to clean hard steel parts but not to soft rubber surfaces.

A long metal wire is twisted to make the spiral wire brush. The general length of the brush ranges in between 32 to 127 millimeters. But the length of the brush varies and can be customized in accordance to the specific needs. Commonly, the right length for the specific need must be judged for the proper functioning of the brush.