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Which Abrasive Wheel Is Suitable to Your Items?

The abrasive grinding disc is the main part of a grinding machine, it cuts workpiece made of metals, plastic and wood in the machine. There are different types of grinding equipments and which of them are most suitable to your items.

abrasive grinding disc

1.Belt grinding, processing of the work piece, including finishing, edge breaking and removal of stock is easily done with this machine.

2.Bench grinding, hand grinding of cutting tools like lathe tools is done with a bench grinder. Many other rough grinding functions are also performed by it.

3.Surface grinding, as the name suggests, surface grinders work upon the surface of the work piece to lend smoothness. A refined look of the work piece is obtained through the process.

4.Jig Grinding machine, used for processes that require high level of accuracy and finish, a jig grinder is suitable for grinding complex shapes.

5.Cylindrical machine, the work pieces with a central axis of rotation make use of cylindrical grinding machine.

6.Gear cutting, another common type of machines used for grinding is the gear cutting machine. It is used for hobbing, machining, forging, casting and other processes.

Generally, a gear cutting machine with a coated cutting wheel is suitable for metals, plastic and wood, whereas belt grinding machine with an inox cutting disc is mainly used for metals. A bench grinder with diamond tools designed for grinding steel can't be used for grinding aluminum and other soft materials.