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Types, characteristics and applications of grinding wheels

  Grinding wheel is a common cutting tool, widely used in metal processing, stone processing and concrete processing and other fields.It has the advantages of high efficiency, high economy and high precision, which can meet the needs of different processing requirements.This article will introduce the common types, characteristics and applications of it.

  1. Resin grinding wheel

  It is mainly composed of resin, abrasive and fillers, with good cutting performance and long life.It has a wide range of applications, such as metal and non-metal grinding, cutting, polishing and other fields.Its manufacturing process is simple and the price is relatively low, which is an economical and practical grinding wheel.

  2. Ceramic grinding wheel

  This is a high-performance grinding wheel, mainly made of alumina and silicon nitride and other ceramic abrasive, with high hardness, high strength, high heat resistance and low wear rate.It has long service life and high cutting efficiency, suitable for the processing of high strength, high hardness materials and fine processing and other fields.

  3. Superhard grinding wheel

  This is a kind of grinding wheel made of diamond or cubic boron nitride abrasive by using a cohesive or electrochemical method.It has high hardness and good wear resistance, suitable for processing difficult-to-process materials, such as cemented carbide, ceramics, quartz and so on.It is widely used in automotive, aviation, tools and other fields.

  4. Thin grinding wheel

  This is a small diameter, thin thickness of the grinding wheel, usually used for cutting and trimming metal and non-metallic materials.The thin design can reduce the loss of materials and processing force, improve the processing efficiency.The thin grinding wheel is widely used in electronics, precision machinery and other fields.

  Grinding wheel is an indispensable tool, different types of grinding wheel for different fields and different processing needs.When used, it is necessary to pay attention to safety, operate in accordance with the prescribed methods and standards, to ensure work efficiency and personal safety.