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Main Causes for the Wear of Multi Cutting Wheels

When the multi cutting wheel has high hardness, fine finishing and light grinding load, the cutting edge is prone to passivation. At this time, although the processing surface quality is still good, but the metal cutting efficiency significantly decreased.

multi cutting wheels

When the multi cutting wheel has lower hardness, rough finishing and heavy grinding load, the cutting edge is prone to fall off. At that time, the grinding wheel shape deformed, and seriously affected the grinding surface quality and processing accuracy.

In cutting and grinding the carbon steel, due to the scraps softening or melting under the high temperature, embedded in the grinding wheel gap, resulting to embedded plug; in grinding titanium alloy, due to the strong affinity of the scraps and abrasive particles, the scraps sintered and sticky attached to the abrasive, causing adhesive clogging. Coated grinding wheel lost cutting capacity after clogging, then grinding force and temperature increased, the result was that the surface quality went down significantly.