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Machining process of grinding wheel

  What is a grinding wheel? It is a tool used in the process of grinding and grinding. Many friends don't know about its processing process, and don't know how it was produced. Here's a look at its processing process.

  The manufacturing of grinding wheels needs to go through five stages: mixing, forming, sintering, finishing and inspection.

  1. Mixing: mixing abrasive, bonding agent and chemical raw materials.

  2. Shaping: Put the mixed raw materials into a grinding wheel mold with a specific size, and press-mold them into the shape of the grinding wheel by an instrument.

  3. Sintering: Put the shaped grinding wheel into a kiln, let it stand for more than one week, and then sinter it at a high temperature of 1300 degrees.

  4. Finishing: The sintered grinding wheel is trimmed to achieve the correct dimensional accuracy and shape.

  5. Testing: carefully test the damage, hardness, balance and rotation, etc. to ensure the accuracy of the grinding wheel and avoid accidents.

Machining process of grinding wheel

  Compared with turning, milling and other processing technologies, grinding wheels have outstanding advantages:

  (1) Easy to process hard, brittle and other materials which are difficult to be processed by cutters.

  ② It is easy to achieve the dimensional accuracy required by finishing.

  ③ Better surface roughness and glossiness can be obtained.

  ④ Because of the large number of tool tips, the processing speed is fast, even if the feed amount is small.

  ⑤ It has self-sharpening effect and can be processed continuously for a long time.

  After the grinding wheel is processed, it needs to be packaged after quality inspection, and then transported to customers.