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Six factors affecting the service life of grinding wheel

  As we all know, grinding wheel is a common grinding tool in grinding process, but what do you know about it? For example, its service life, let's take a look at it.

  Six factors that affect the service life of grinding wheels are as follows:

  1. Product quality: low quality and short service life. So, we should use high-quality products, so that it won't wear out quickly.

  2. Excessive dressing: Excessive dressing not only affects the grinding quality, but also greatly reduces the service life.

Six factors affecting the service life of grinding wheel

  3. Improper use: Improper use will cause product wear and affect service life.

  4. Improper selection: Different products should be selected for different workpiece materials and different processing requirements.

  5. Rotational speed: Grinding speed should be selected according to the type and mode of grinding wheel. If you don't pay attention to grinding speed, it will cause its wear and increase unnecessary costs.

  6. Types of grinding fluids: Using different grinding fluids will make the grinding ratio of products several times or even ten times different.

  After reading the above content, I think everyone knows something about the service life of grinding wheels.