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Types, characteristics, applications and selection of grinding wheels

  As a grinding tool commonly used in machining, grinding wheel has different types, characteristics and applications. Therefore, when selecting the grinding wheel, it is necessary to consider many factors such as the material of the workpiece, processing requirements and processing accuracy to ensure the achievement of the processing effect. Below, we will introduce the type, characteristics, application and selection of this product in detail.

  I. Types

  Commonly used grinding wheels can generally be divided into corundum grinding wheel, silicon carbide grinding wheel, alumina grinding wheel and green silicon carbon grinding wheel according to the material. According to the characteristics of product shape, structure and fineness, it can also be divided into plane grinding wheel, three-dimensional grinding wheel, arc grinding wheel, conical grinding wheel, round edge offset grinding wheel, ultra-thin grinding wheel, horseshoe grinding wheel, bar grinding wheel and chamfer grinding wheel.

  Ii. Characteristics

  Different kinds of products have different characteristics:

  1, corundum grinding wheel: high hardness, good heat resistance, low cost, but the cutting efficiency is not high, poor adhesion.

  2, silicon carbide grinding wheel: high hardness, good heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, high cutting efficiency, but high cost.

  3, alumina grinding wheel: suitable for mass production, high hardness, high cutting efficiency, moderate cost, but not heat resistant.

  4, green silicon carbon grinding wheel: high cutting efficiency, strong crack resistance, suitable for high strength materials, but high cost.

Types, characteristics, applications and selection of grinding wheels

  Iii. Application

  Various products have different application ranges and use environments, such as increasing the surface quality of materials, grinding forging surface, planing, cutting, grinding tools, deep hole processing, etc.

  1, surface grinding wheel: suitable for surface grinding, rough repair, middle repair and finishing.

  2, three-dimensional grinding wheel: suitable for grooving, notching and other fine parts processing.

  3, arc grinding wheel: mainly used for various bearing, gear and other arc parts processing.

  4, cone grinding wheel: suitable for metal surface grinding processing.

  4. Choose the method

  Although the same material of corundum, silicon carbide, alumina and other grinding wheels in the same process to withstand the size of the force and processing particle size is different, the processing effect is very different, therefore, in the selection of factors to consider include:

  1, processing requirements: grinding form, precision requirements, grinding processing amount, etc.

  2, workpiece material: hardness, strength, shape and surface quality.

  3, appearance: different shapes and sizes of products, such as disc wheel, order and double wheel, cone wheel, vertical flat cutting stone wheel, arc and belt wheel.

  4, product structure: raw materials, size, shape and size.

  It is not easy to choose the right products, it is necessary to make a comprehensive comparison according to the actual situation, and constantly try and accumulate experience in practice, and improve the production batch and processing efficiency in the process of constantly optimizing the selection.

  We believe that under the correct selection method, the parts processed by the appropriate grinding wheel will be more precise, and the production efficiency will be higher. Let us choose our own products together, process and produce with a higher, faster and stronger attitude, and promote the development and progress of the machining industry.