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Three Types of Commonly Used Cutting and Grinding Wheels

The cutting and grinding wheels are a useful tool for grinding, polishing or cutting a variety of materials. Grit discs, spiral wire brush, diamond wheels are greatly different in relation to material, speed, safety, power and size. It is essential to use the right disc to match the intended use.

spiral wire brush

Grit Discs

The grit discs are very commonly used tools for grinding and cutting the hard substances. Grit discs made of abrasives are lightweight which makes them useful when working on overhead applications. Its sharp disc edge enables fast speed and high precision cutting and grinding. But the shortcoming goes to relatively thin thickness, it is about 6 mm and unlikely to last long, correct maintaining and timely replacement are needed.

Spiral wire brush

The spiral wire brush is used for removing paint and rust, polishing bare metal. The object that is being worked on must be solid like metal to avoid damage because the spiral wire brush isn't very flexible. Compared to the cup brush type, it works faster and more effective.

Diamond Wheels

The diamond wheels are enough hard, wear-resistant that used for jobs that need grinding or cutting, such as stone cutting, and work at a faster rate than the grit discs. They are also a safe choice to use because there is a much lower risk of the disc slipping off the grinder.