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Plastic, Aluminum and Fiberglass Backing Plates

When considering to choose a reliable China flap disc, you probably first think of the disc backing plate materials. The backing plate is there to give a certain degree of stability while the disc is in use. China Flap discs manufacturers often provide three types of backing plates, namely plastic, aluminum and fiberglass backing plates for customers’ different needs.

fiberglass backing

1. Fiberglass backing is a practical choice for those operators that want to cut down on vibration while in use and seemed as the best option for most applications because of its light weight and high strength.

2. Plastic backing is growing in popularity and gives great versatility with the option to trim the backing plates to a preferred shape or size. This means it is more useful when it comes to finishing or blending.

3. Aluminum backing is a practical choice for applications that demand rigid support and high-strength, but the aluminum backing plate is less chosen compared to the other two options in the market.