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How Many Types of Abrasive Disc Backing?

The coated cutting discs are produced out of different backing types.

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1. Cloth disc backings, they produced out of woven fabrics like cotton. These are utilized in industries where abrasive planing is required.

2. Fiberglass backing for wheels. These ones are likely thicker than cloth. They operate through the use of chemically treated fibers of cotton and cellulose. However, it will curl in humid weather conditions.

3. A film abrasive disc is the third type of backing for abrasive discs. In such a type, abrasive grains are found on a plastic film.

4. The likes of sponge discs of coated cutting discs are those whose abrasive grains are bonded to a layer of foam or sponge or any other soft materials, such as felt paper.

5. Metal disc backings, they are those with abrasive grains usually bonded to metals including brass and aluminum.

6. Among the list of abrasive backing types are some other forms like non-woven, paper and screen.