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Classification of cutting discs

Source:Duhua Grinding Wheel Co. Limited Time:2019-08-21

The cutting discs are mainly classified into fiber-cut resin discs and diamond cutting discs according to materials.


First, fiber cutting resin disk

The resin cutting disc is made of resin as a binder, the glass fiber mesh is a bone, and combined with various materials, alloy steel, stainless steel and other difficult-to-cut materials, the cutting performance is particularly remarkable. Dry and wet cutting methods make cutting precision more accurate. At the same time, the choice of cutting material and hardness can greatly improve your cutting efficiency and save your production cost.

Second, the diamond cutting disk

Diamond cutting disc is a cutting tool widely used in the processing of hard and brittle materials such as stone, concrete, prefabricated panels, new and old roads, ceramics. The diamond cutting disc is mainly composed of two parts: a matrix and a head. The base is the primary support portion of the bonded bit, and while the cutting head is used during the cutting process, a portion of the head will continue to be consumed and the matrix will not be cut from the head. The effect is because it contains diamonds, diamonds are the hardest material, and they are objects that are rubbed and cut at the head. The diamond particles are wrapped in the metal in the head.

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