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What causes the wear of grinding wheels?

  We know that the grinding wheel is a widely used type in the grinding tool. During the grinding process, due to various reasons, it causes wear. Here are some common causes of wear:

What causes the wear of grinding wheels

  1.Abrasion and wear

  When the hardness of the abrasive grains is low and the hardness of the grinding wheel is high, the degree of friction will be aggravated, which will cause the surface of the grinding wheel to become relatively flat. In this case, you need to stop the operation as soon as possible.

  2.Diffusion wear

  The abrasive particles and the material being abraded at high temperatures due to the mutual diffusion of the two elements lead to the weakening of the surface layer of the abrasive particles.

  3.Plastic wear

  Under the high temperature of grinding, the abrasive particles will wear due to plastic deformation. Plastic wear depends mainly on the thermal hardness of the workpiece material.

  There are many reasons for grinding wheel wear. Different abrasives, workpiece materials, and grinding conditions can cause different degrees of grinding wheel wear.