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How Does a Centerless Grinder Create Round Parts?

Source:Duhua Grinding Wheel Co. Limited Time:2018-02-28

How did the centerless grinder and grinding wheel operate to create round parts, and how did the processing carrying on? We find some articles online written by the experts and technical staffs, and choose three feasible ways to share with you here.

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1. The centerline of the work piece should be placed as high as possible on the blade. If the part were to be placed on a flat blade and placed on the centerline of the grinding wheel and the regulating wheel the part would triangulate. The angle of the blade allows the part to set up higher on the blade and also allowing the centerline of the part to be placed higher than the centers of the grinding wheel and regulating wheel. When the part now rotates, there is a gap between the work piece and the grinding wheel when the highpoint of the part rides against the regulating wheel. Eventually, the high point of the work piece is ground down and the part moves into roundness. Generally speaking, the higher the work piece is placed on the angle of the blade the quicker the rounding action.

2. If the blade angle and the work piece location are set up properly, then the speed of rotation of the part can be helpful in creating a round part. The faster the work piece rotates, relatively higher speeds work best, the faster it will come into roundness. Take note of the work piece chattering caused by fast rotation, and manipulate the speed of the regulating wheel until you find the proper combination.

3. Thrufeed grinding through a grinding wheel brings an additional factor to the table. The speed of traverse across the grinding and regulating wheels must be adjusted as well to help keep the part in round. It is necessary to adjust the feed slower to make a bar that isn't perfectly straight round. Sometimes, because the bar is so bent, it is better to straighten the bars first to help the centerless grinder to make the bars round.

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