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What’s the Feature of Sanding by Flap Wheel Heads?

Source:Duhua Grinding Wheel Co. Limited Time:2017-01-09

It needs to be very careful when working with molders, and it is critical to keep spindle tooling clean, sharp, and well balanced. Ensuring to not over drive feed speeds a decent profile can be produced on most molders, and sanding your molding with a flap wheel head or mounted points after the molder, because this can help decrease surface markings and aid in creating a better product.

fiber series

Better sanding the profile

In the consideration of making a more useful tool, the coated wheels or mounted points are often designed to be flexible in order to conform themselves to the shape being sanded. This has the unique benefit of very small changes in machine or head settings to accommodate different profiles. There is only a small amount of material will be removed in sanding molding with a flap wheel head. It will do no harm to your profile but only a limited amount of tooling marks will be removed. If you start with good tooling and produce a good clean molding cut then flap wheel sanding will finish sand your product to the point of being ready to apply stain or primer.

Remove pop-up small fibers

The flap disc head will remove the small fibers that pop up when sanded in any other way or when any type of chemical or water is used to the surface of the material. These fibers if not removed will raise up and set in a dried position causing a rough primer or stain and seal coat. Using a flap wheel head to remove these fibers can not only shorten sanding time, but also bring a cleaner and smoother effect. Moreover, flap wheel heads can insure a uniform pore opening in the material, which results in uniform color balance throughout the work surface.

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