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Maintenance and installation precautions of grinding wheel

Source:Duhua Grinding Wheel Co. Limited Time:2022-08-04

  The grinding wheel is a tool for cutting with abrasives. During use, the abrasives have the same function as the saw teeth in the saw blade, but the saw blade only has saw teeth on the edge, and the abrasive is distributed on the entire grinding wheel, and the abrasive particles are on the workpiece. move so that tiny pieces of material can be removed. Today, I will focus on the maintenance and installation precautions of this product.

  Appropriate precautions and protective measures should be taken when handling, installing and using grinding wheels.

  1. The storage should be correct to avoid being collided or corroded. The storage space should have stable temperature and humidity to avoid damage to the structure of the product due to extreme temperature or humidity changes.

  2. After unpacking, all products should be inspected to ensure that they have not been damaged in transit.

Maintenance and installation precautions of grinding wheel

  3. The used products need to be carefully checked when they are returned to the warehouse.

  4. When taking the product, you should be careful to avoid falling or collision, so as not to cause damage or breakage of the product.

  5. When handling, it should be moved and not rolled. If it is too heavy to carry by hand, a cushioned cart, truck or stacker can be used.

  6. During installation, it should be necessary to take "ring test" in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant safety regulations. The ring test needs to detect whether there are cracks on the product. Do not use if cracked.

  7. It is necessary to use a product with a suitable inner hole size of the spindle, and it cannot be forcibly inserted. Do not change the inner hole without authorization.

  8. Use a suitable and clean flange with a diameter of at least one third of the product diameter. Flanged bearing surfaces should be flat and free of burrs or dirt. The product can be fixed by tightening the nut of the spindle.

grinding wheel

  9. If the product has a fixed direction of use, it should be rotated according to the marked arrow.

  10. After fixing the product and confirming that the protective device is in place, let the product run at the operating speed for at least one minute, and then start grinding.

  When using the grinding wheel, the grinding surface should be used correctly, and the control needs to be cut smoothly during grinding. If the workpiece is obviously loose, it should not be forcibly ground.

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